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Modern White Dream House with Open Concept by Affonso Risi Architects

This contemporary dream home located at Rua Alabadra architectural firm that designed by Brazilian architect Affonso Risi Architects. On the ground floor is raised 1 meter higher than the road surface, there is access, garages, studios and work areas. At this level, there is also a small pond. from the road surface is also smaller… continue reading

3D Wall Craft Storage Boxes Organized System of Home Interior Decoration

Wall storage system designed by young designers of Oslo as an organized home interior decoration is perfect for storing your favorite accessories and collectibles. Wall storage boxes and unique design with plenty of storage rectangle drawn into irregular wake which is made of plastic material thick mica is the art of creative crafts colorful. 3D… continue reading

Fashionable Contemporary Home Interior Design with Attractive Patterned Furniture

Home interior modern design modular home luxury to your home so that space will look attractive and pleasant to accompany everyday activities in your dream home. Every room in the contents of the product quality Italian furniture items and other products of quality and charming. Now comes the furniture that is no less interesting is… continue reading

Architecture Sustainable Building Tree Houses Design Introduced by KAA Design Group

Tree house building design plan introduced by KAA Design Group. Architects design sustainable tree house combines aesthetic exterior and interior balanced beautify the environment and atmosphere. Introducing the design tree house mostly made of hard wood quality. Selection of timber trees to build a house must be selected from trees that have the force and… continue reading

Modern MakeOvers Barn Became House Interior Architecture Designs

There are interesting ideas, makeovers old warehouse converted into a house. Taken from Canada, Russell Groves one of the architects who worked on this project. Mechanical systems, electrical and frame barn repair, refurbished but with the same look and structure. The impression a modern blend of classical interiors shown in this house. The old staircase… continue reading

Modern Decor Tile for Walls, Floors and Ceilings of Each Room House

Modern tile suitable for decorating every room of the house according to the activity. Modern mosaic tiles created by the Trend of Italian companies. Italian company offers a varied pattern tile designs ranging from classical to modern tile patterns. Tile options tailored to the activity room functions as if in the bathroom do not use… continue reading

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