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Tres Chic Roses Collections- Modern Feminine Furniture by Vibieffe

It strange to discover that certain achievements, not only designed for a deeply feminine, but also accurate in guessing the tastes and trends of women, are created by men. Not that they are not able or do not have taste, but often that does not have the same sensitivity. This modern feminine furniture collection from… continue reading

Lo Rider – The Eye Catching Modern Unique Coco Twig Furniture by Snug Ideas

Designed by Clayton Tugunon for Snug, this coco twig furniture collection by Snug is inspired by sun-soaked beaches and lazy afternoons. Clayton’s wonderful childhood memories are an important source of inspiration. He tries to express the spontaneity of play in his designs and relishes the dichotomy of bold pieces in soft silhouettes.

Bubble Sofa – The Unique Haute Couture Collection by Versace Design Inspiration

Known for its haute couture collections, Versace has already begun to launch its own furniture line, which has raised a lot of eyebrows. Like its clothing collections, Versace is taking furniture one step beyond. And talk about “dressed to impress” – your living room will turn heads with this chic Versace Bubble Sofa strutting its… continue reading

Arabella – Cool Ideas of Contemporary Comfortable Plush Swivel Chair by Giorgetti USA

The contemporary shape and fun, vibrant colors make this plush swivel chair a hit for modern homes. This chair design by Carlo Giorgetti and Massimo Scolari is very contemporary and comfortable fit for your home that is modern to look more elegant and beautiful. It can be used with any style because of its flexible… continue reading

Walk in Wardrobe More Functional and Practical with Glass Sliding Doors

Innovation design walk in wardrobe has a lot of designs from Walk in Wardrobe Zone. Walk in wardrobe have more room and hung with a large clothes closet features both open and closed. Walk in wardrobe more functional and practical, making it easier to access to view and search for your clothes.

Very Highly Feminine Glamour Bathroom Furniture and Designs for Girls from Delpha

A good-looking bathroom always strikes a unique balance between utility and aesthetics. It is important for a bathroom to have adequate light, storage facilities, standard fixtures and fittings and good ventilation. A bathroom has to pull off all these requirements while still managing to look pleasing to the eye. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning… continue reading

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