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The Modern Amazing Design for the Beach House Inspiration Furniture

The good use of indoor-outdoor living with rich timber of floors and bamboo is brought together via glass bi-fold doors. The design allows the whole lower level to open and focus on relaxing side. There is a private bamboo gardens to provide a good view to the pool in the courtyard and protects from the direct sunshine.

Soul of Pop – All-in-one Place for Modern AV Unit by Dalcon Collection

This shelf is environmentally friendly as the materials used, from a block of recycled resin. All-in-one home theater and a stylish shelf will make a different look for your living room. It is also a solution for a space saving. Now, it is only available in white color, but you can find some other colors then.

A Beautiful Colorful Interior Design Ideas for A Fun Living Space from IKEA

The designed is filled by various stuffs from IKEA store. Gitte, an artist, used various paint to create a unique look of ordinary objects. There is some chaos in the apartment because she likes to try new things and create interesting changes. Everything is well-organized by using the different storage system. Just share with Gitte, if you want to create a fun and happy living space.

The Latest Pretty Collection of Stylish Little Black Dresser Design Inspiration

This collection is being a piece of chic furniture for a true lady. You can hang the dresser anywhere you like, maybe in your closet. The dresser has several drawers where you can put everything you like; it’s made of MDF, maple veneer and aluminum. This creation is being one of the most people choice because the stylish and practical design for the true lady.

DNA Structures – An Amazing Woodworking Inspiration for Dining Table Ideas

It was named as James Watson, the American scientist who was famous for discovering the helical structure of DNA. This table is made of a wood and carbon composite. These materials will make this design very durable and great. The design is quite minimalist. It is also a part of the great collection of the designer.

The Nice Retro Style Details Touches of Small Apartment Design Ideas Collection

This design is really cool with some nice retro style details on the walls of rough brick in the kitchen. This interior is completely giving the antique touch and some coziness. Then the other nice design is in the bedroom. Here you can see the pictures, exquisite bed, beautiful chandelier make the room refined and the curtain adds coziness. The bathroom is also giving the other amazing interior with cabinet, lamps and bath decorated with wood continue the style of the whole apartment. The architects not only carefully followed the style but also used the space saving techniques very well.

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