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Stylish Outdoor Lamp Design Ideas for Interior and Exterior Environment

Geert Koster, the Dutch designer, has created this outdoor lamp; called as MATE. It is very stylish and modern. It is made of white steel and a usual bulb. It brings the design which is suitable for the interior and exterior.

70s Style Living Room – Neo Design with Unusual Touches

The ergonomic design of the furniture is very perfect. It features the fractal and asymmetric geometry of the furniture. You will feel this design as a soft and cozy design. The traditional fabric and other details elements are used to complement the unusual sculptural forms. This design shows us the neo-modern living room featuring the traditional furniture of the 1970s style living room

Ultra Minimalist House Made Of Boxes in Japan

There is also place to walk between the boxes which are organized into inner patios. This is house looks bigger just because the interior of the house is made in light natural shades. Inside this modern and ultra minimalist house interior, there are furniture and floors which are made by chosen wooden. There is no bright colors and everything simple and smart. You can relax and have a meeting with your friend in the place between the boxes which are turned into bowers.

Modern Luxurious Seaside Apartment Collection like SPA Resort

The dominant color of the bedroom is chocolate color. It looks very luxurious and the mirror wall broadens the space. You can find the coziness in the living room and the kitchen. It is very convenient. If you are a modern person, you will need this design. The thick white carpet makes the living room cozier. This is a dream apartment which everybody wants to spent a weekend vacation in.

New Model of Minimalist Stylish Shelf of Wood and Acryl Materials

Showing the process of making the shelf, they create a decoration from it. The thick layers of smoked acryl allow you to hold anything you put on them. It looks minimalist and stylist so it will match any modern interior. The simplicity and neutral colors are their advances.

Perfect Minimalist – Creating A Good House Atmosphere of Amileka Collection

It is perfectly minimalist, even its form is made of simple white rectangles. Strict forms, neutral colors, bright accents, and simplicity are the characteristics of the interior features. Its main color is white, you will probably like it. You can find a swimming pool with glass rails and a fireplace. You will notice that the fireplace is extremely fantastic. It creates an atmosphere as the best place to gather with family or friends. Just sit down and relax.

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