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Fritz Hansen Collection Furniture The “Egg Chair”: Stylish Design by Arne Jacobsen

While large living rooms may be able to accommodate a corner sofa too, smaller living rooms do well with one sofa with tall plants, floor lamps and decorative stands on either side. Design by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen manufacturer furniture, known as the “Egg Chair”.

Globe Chair: Simple, Cool, Relaxing, and Comfortable with Innovative Furniture Design

The Globe Chair originally designed by Eero Aarnio, known as “Globe Chair” or “Sphere Chair” as it’s sometimes referred to was designed by Eero Aarnio using of the most simple geometric forms- the ball. The Globe Chair is known as a “room within a room”.

Traditional Sofas and Armchairs: Classical, Elegant, and Comfortable Furniture Design by Versace Home

Traditional Sofas and Armchairs. An epoch from furniture timeline exudes similar style of craftsmanship, use of material or theme that identifies a piece to belong to that period. To buy an antique furniture piece, you must have good knowledge of furniture history and styles in different countries and periods.

Modern Plastic Furniture Design for Great Collection of by Mario Bellini

Modern Plastic Furniture Design. The comfort level defines its usability though. You can experiment with contemporary living room furniture available in different materials including tubular metals and vinyl. An understated monochromatic color scheme makes it fit easily in all types of decor themes.

The Union Bench: Minimalist, Unique, Flexible, and Multifunction Furniture Design by I Do Designs

The Union Bench. Log furniture has a rustic look with a warm and inviting feel added to it. This can be the reason why you may find a simple log table more exuberating than a finely carved Queen Anne mahogany table. This Unique and Stylish bench is design by I Do Designs called the “Union”… continue reading

Stainless Channel Tray Table: Elegant, Eye Catching, and Elegant Furniture Design by Acacia

Stainless Channel Tray Table. ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ and this saying is true in case of log furniture as well. The theme of log furniture itself came into being out of sheer necessity in the olden times. However, it still retains that romantic charm that inspires thoughts as intrepid as the good old… continue reading

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