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Yulia Brodskaya, Wonder of Hands Wall Decals

Yulia Brodskaya, Russian born, UK settled illustration wizard present you the power of paper as a medium for expression.

Retro Vintage Furniture, Goes Well With Anything

Restoration Hardware, a company that has quite a few interesting items on display, present you this unique furnitures. Richardfs Trunks represents a series of furniture items made up of old trunks.

Futuristic The Wing of UNESCO

This wing-like design is created by Najjar & Najjar Architects. The spread and created a roof, a desiderated point of arrival, forms likewise a remarkable gate to the landscape of the gWachauh. Alongside the City it leads the every day lifefs fugitives to the place of experience and emotions.

Artistic Sloping is the New Black

Sloping ceiling are often viewed as an obstacle in some design. But, this irregular space created from the uneven line can be quite captivating. Large windows follow the pitch of the roof, allowing natural light to pick up texture in exposed brickwork, and bounce back from polished wood floors. these images from L4 World, this… continue reading

Punchy Retro Poster

Etsy shop, ReStyle, welcomes you with a fantastic range of fresh poster art prints for us to adorn our walls with. Creator of the posters, Jan Skacelik, of Olomouc, Czech Republic, uses clean lines and layouts, showing a clear background in Graphic Design and Illustration. Along with an unexplained adoration of pugs, Jan Skacelik, or… continue reading

Modern Oklahoma Midnight Blue Box Residence Design

Fitzsimmons Architects have completed a house with modernist approach, uniting a simple composition of concrete, glass, and steel. The house size is more reserved in terms of square footage, but the open floor plans combined with large areas of glazing help create spacious connections throughout the inside and neighborhood beyond.

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