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Good House? Good Eco by Designs Northwest Architects

The Thomas Eco-House is located on an 11 Acre site in the Cascade foothills 0f Washington State. Build atop the crown of a hill. This house practically has the best view from the bordering forestry land to the city of Everett to the South.

Gateway to Nature Architects Located in Mazama, Washington

Located in Mazama, Washington, the site is famous by many for it’s function as a camping retreat for family’s weekend. The design of the site is one to minimize impact between the nature and civilization. This was done by raising parts of the residence off the ground with small concrete piers.

Waw! Cool Resort Lighting: Mykonos Grand Hotel

Mykonos Grand Hotel in Greece is one of those places to offer tranquil moments in the presence of bright natural light, the luxurious beach resort welcomes guests with charming surrounding landscapes and comfortable interiors fit for royalty.

Interior Brighton Implant Clinic / Pedra Silva Architects

The building included a dental prostherics lab. In here, patients can enjoy full complete treatments as dentures and implants are fabricated on the same day as the patient is being treated. This allow the patients to leave the hospital with a concluded treatments. The hospital has also equipped with state of the art CAT scan… continue reading

World of Elegants Patane Residence by bureau^proberts

The home was intended to relive the summer experience where we would lay ourselves under the the cool, shaded spaces found under the homes of our childhood. Upon the entrance is the transparent platform that encourages family activity though connection between living space, play space and the street. Private spaces of the home are separated… continue reading

Land of the Spirits A House for the Winter

Based on the Casa Codina house by A4 Estudio, the Winter House visualized by Black Haus is depicted in a perfect snow covered dream.

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