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Residential John Hejduk’s Study On Architectural Form and Function Design

The Wall House 2, as it creator named it, is a result of a study on the relationship between interior and exterior spaces by the architect, the late John Hejduk. It’s a four different compartment stacked behind a natural gray wall. A spiral staircase is hidden by the wall for access to this building. Each… continue reading

Contemporary Elegant MIKI 1 House by Alexander Brenner Architects

Alexander Brenner Architects’s MIKI 1 is a house which consist of solid cubes and lots of wall slabs. The building look tall and though. This house is made up from two part of villas. The western villa are a family-based residence with several room for each activity. The eastern villa was designed for amusement with… continue reading

Contemporary Coastal Wood Residence Design by Boora Architects

The house mostly surrounded by forest is a 2,865 square-foot home with 180-degree views. Wrapped by a combination of wood and glass wall. The house are separated into three parts. The first part is the living quarter with two levels. The upper level are mostly glass-walled with a wide deck for an excellent view of… continue reading

Excellent Brick Kiln House by SPASM Design Architects

Brick Kiln house in Alibaug, Maharashtra, India is a dream country house for everyone to buy. The site where it was built is a former grove of Tamarind and Mango trees and a plot of it, is an unkempt paddy field. These peculiar setting become the feature of the houses. You’ll notice the red brick,… continue reading

Beautiful Nanaimo Cruise Ship Terminal Building by Checkwitch Poiron Architects

After a long trip of sea, what you need is a change of enviroment. A change that will make you realize that you have once again stood on earth. As for the one who depart from the land, one must accept the sea into it’s being. Such are the Nanaimo Port terminal building, A grand… continue reading

Modern and Simple DG House by DOMB Architects

A simple and beautiful family house in Hasharon, Israel. It was builded by DOMB Architects. From the outside, you will notice the simplicity by the choice of the basic material painted plaster, grey oak and glass. The same was done for the inside.

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