25 Zecc Project Houses Architecture Design


On the east side of South Groningen, an industrial area become blurred. Therefore, a large space to build a housing project is available. An existing building on the banks of the river a few live in their original condition. In other areas covered with large blocks that will be achieved. This block has a large common courtyard and parking lot construction. The plan includes the construction of the city designed by Mecanoo, and houses along the water, designed by Zecc.
25 zecc architecture design ideas

elevation difference between the two elements are distinguishable. Our home design contains four levels. The houses were built in succession, but they all have individual character. Individual expression is achieved with the design of the statue of the entrance stairs, the vertical articulation of the house and sorting of different bricks used for the facade. The two lower levels are achieved in two levels. It is to create privacy on the side of the road and at the same time, achieving both strong in the kitchen, private patio.
25 house architecture design by zecc

zecc project architecture design ideas

zecc architecture design by zecc architects

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25 Zecc Project Houses Architecture Design
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