5 Tips: How To Make Your Home Office Computer Productive and Comfortable


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Not the kind of home office furniture, you have a nice office, but you only use them to store books. I mean, you kind of home office must be signed in productive work What is your main area, use it to pay bills, dealing with computers, etc … Your home office is a place where you can be productive and feel good when you come into it, and will leave! If you do not feel comfortable with your office at home, here are five ways your office more productive.

1.) DECLUTTER: Take stock of your home office. How much of the content of your space is used constantly? Decide what you need office supplies, to provide for everyone else, or use in another room in your house – like your child in the room!

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2.) CLEAN: This tip is quite right for any room or space when you get your environment to be clean, as well as your opinion, creative and productive. If you refuse, old newspapers and magazines subscriptions 100 cluttered your desk, clean it!

3) Priority.: Figure out which objects in your office for your activities in the office. If a TV in your office, but you see it, to work more than it is time to remove them. It carries out the work before you work.

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4) to organize: You have now successfully made the first few tips, it is time to put the remaining space. For your room into zones.
- Storage: Items can be the case, such as office supplies, and rarely used reference material.
- Products Desk: Only the essentials, pen / pencil, computer, stapler and tape. Everything else has a house in a desk drawer, to prevent chaos.
- Display: For books and magazines use the organizer that runs on a bookshelf. This group of organizers, they can together, can be achieved in an instant. A few pictures and memorabilia can be used to personalize your space.

5) LIGHT: If your home office a dark, figure out the guilt. Open the windows, buy a different window treatments, lighting or bring the body that illuminate your room is. When you can clearly see you rather stay in this room. Also, make sure there is good ventilation and temperature control. If you are too hot or cold, you will soon want to leave your office. [via]

5 Tips: How To Make Your Home Office Computer Productive and Comfortable
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