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A Unique Bench Seating Design by “E-Bench” from Verntury Luxury Furniture of Paris

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ultra modern bench seating ventury furniture

Besides the usual living room furniture paraphernalia, the other furniture pieces you may like in your living room are ottomans, entertainment units, armoires, recliners, sectional sofas, sleepers, rockers and gliders. The best strategy to choose living room furniture is to make a furniture layout before going to the market, so that you know what exactly you want.

Design by “E-Bench” from Verntury Luxury Furniture of Paris is testament to their dedication to creating style and elegance reflecting the standards of the French. The contrasting straight lines and rounded elements, Emmanuel Touraine and Vincent Caden as the creator of E-Bench created unique motive with contrasting straight lines and rounded elements for those who understand and embrace cutting edge furniture design.[via]

striking ultra modern design seating bench

creating elegance style bench seating design

Ventury striking bench seating furniture collection

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