Beautiful Remodeling Residence House Architecture Design by A-cero Architects

beautiful remodeling residence house architecture design

This beautiful house, which is from A-Cero Architects have been developed. The house looks beautiful lake and parkland in the neighborhood generally scattered. The structure consists of two games on the volume of the rectangle. Porches and pergolas as volumetric elements, such as housing, which can give a personality to the front.

Cover disappears for flat roofs to reflect the changed development of the creative process. The design of this project is to integrate your home in the natural environment to adapt a residential area of the main access to an average of paths. It is a living room, kitchen, living room, dining room, office, pantry, a free cleaning, seven bedrooms (all are with private bathroom, two bedrooms and a terrace with the following.

In addition, there also a show that opened for parks, pools and landscape, which offers urban development. It is the large bay window.This form of trails and parks are the central character of the native vegetation, weather resistant against the local conditions. [via]

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