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Beuatiful Meudon La Foret Project Building Architecture Design by Serero Architects

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Serero Architects designed Meudon-la-Forêt through the concrete shell of the body is surrounded. This magnificent building is in Meudon France. This project was inspired by nature and especially the tree. Developing this new cultural hub for the orthogonal grid, a close relationship with the living earth. The project is a central core that is created by the theater with 300 seats arranged.

Cargo handling equipment is beyond the space to get the space and transport prices. The periphery consists of two buildings. It is the reception and meeting room, ground floor, office and studio. The project was designed from the inside, for dealing with land and limited space of the roof. All movements and the room flooded with natural light in the deep. The building is encased with concrete architectural take on white skin, which is part gravel and limestone Meudon in the composition of the rock. [via]

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