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  • Advice for Houston, TX Homeowners on DIY Air Duct Cleaning

    Posted on by Polina Krainis

    DIY Air Duct Cleaning

    Air duct cleaning can sound like a herculean task, especially if you aren’t knowledgeable and skilled to undertake such task. However, even homeowners who claim to be DIY experts would find it difficult to accomplish. It requires preparation to ensure the air vents and ducts are thoroughly cleaned and the accumulated mold and allergens are removed.

    Professional contractors of air duct cleaning in Houston, TX use particular equipment and chemicals to clean areas with molds and fungus. A homeowner who will do the job the DIY way can take care of it using some basic equipment found at home, but can only guarantee of cleaning the ducts partially. If you don’t have the skills, knowledge and particular equipment necessary for air duct cleaning, it is best to hire a professional to take of the job.

    Yet if you insist to do the job on your own, you need to follow the advice of the pros to clean the air ducts like they do. Remember, the pros went through training to understand the process of cleaning and how the cleaning equipment is used. So it is not just enough to have equipment.

    To start the DIY air duct cleaning, look at the air duct system as one of the important parts of your HVAC unit. If there is a leak in air ducts, you’ll be surprised of your utility bill. It will be an easy task to search for leaky ducts, but you can start from obvious leaks, that can be usually found at juncture points or in open spaces.

    You will find a not so simple yet considered, somehow, an effective air duct cleaning from online. A simple mix of a household cleaner and three parts water can help remove the dirt and grime. On the other hand, homeowners should have the air ducts cleaned on their own depending on the some situations.

    Clean the air ducts by yourself if there are no more rodents. When the mold growth is minor and has not completely overrun the whole HVAC system, you can still manage to clean it the DIY way. An easy to access air ducts is also easy to maintain, even on your own.

    Don’t continue with your DIY air duct cleaning plan if there are rodents running through the ducts or worse, nesting in the ducts. If there is extensive mold and fungus growth in the ducts, it will be difficult. Another factor that will make DIY air duct cleaning difficult is if it’s hard to access. You need to call a professional if these are the conditions of your air ducts. Also, you should call a professional for air duct cleaning in Houston, TX if you would like the entire line of ducts cleaned. Find service that suitable for you at airductcleaninghoustontx.net.

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