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  • Simple Tips When Decorating Home Walls with Liquid Chalk Markers

    Posted on by Polina Krainis

    Designing Walls with Liquid Chalk

    When you’re thinking about decorating your home walls with liquid chalk markers for home improvement you may want to follow these simple tips.

    •         To find the absolute center of a word or words for one line, number the quantity of letters and spaces between every word. For example “Birthday” has 8 letters, an even amount no spaces, so the center is between the “T” and the “H”. On the off chance that you want to write “Cheerful Birthday” all on one line. The letter/spaces number would be 14, making the center point between the “B” and “I”. On the off chance that using both lower case and capital letters, capital letters take up some more space, however this is a decent general guideline to center your lettering. Draw the inside letter or space on your center and afterward draw alternate letters out from this middle point to every side to finish your statement. This is the hardest piece of blackboard art, making free hand letters. A few letters will be bigger and your focusing will look off, however despite everything it looks okay if you follow these simple guidelines when decorating your home walls with liquid chalk markers, not overcrowded but rather fun and happy. Try not to strive for absolute perfectness when doing this. The flaws can in some cases add to the appeal of writing on a chalkboard giving it that “rustic” look.
    •         Use a dime store pencil sharpener to keep the tip of the chalk pointy.
    •         Use colored chalk on the center image or borderlines.
    •         When you include the wet colored chalk over existing dry white chalk it will create the impression that the white chalk has been ruined. It has not newly wet chalk may look awful but when you leave it to dry it will look shinier than dry chalk.

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