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Modern Eco Friendly Lamboo Solar Powered Studio Built From Bamboo

The Lamboo Studio project. This round Eco Lodge is built of bamboo. The small studio uses a system of solar-roof-shaped radicals S. Radical S-shaped roof system helps to warm the house cool in summer and winter. Permanent metal roof coating also has a built electric solar panels.

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Contemporary Zig-Zag Singapore House Decorating Design Ideas With a Planted Roof

Lien Residence is a modern house in Singapore, which are designed Ministry by the Singapore Department of Design Studio. This is a building, floor bungalows with a kind of zig-zag shape.

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Prefabricated Timber Energy Producing Houses Architectural design – by IAAC, Fab Lab House

Power House, which grew in numbers, and with rising energy costs and growing concern for the environment, we can see why. But the house by a mixture of Fab Lab IAAC sustainable features, comfort and aesthetics are remarkable, so that three of three with a number of us! This off-grid home, actually produces more energy [...]

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