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  • Installing Your House’s Welcoming Entrance or Front

    Posted on by Polina Krainis

    Creative Front Entrance for Your Home

    When you are selling your home, the buyer will feel confidence if the entrance is well arranged and designed. According to property sellers, first impression will always last so instead of creating a grim impression, make sure that the buyers will grin. To do that, you only need to do simple things like putting stylish path that is both clear and safe to walk and etc.

    For more creative ideas regarding simple home improvement that you can utilize in your home’s entrance, here are some of the top suggestions:

    Add curb appeal by clearing the way

    According to homeowners, the ideal front door parameter should three feet wide wherein family members and visitors can walk shoulder to shoulder. If the pathway to your door is unobstructed, it means that hazards can be avoided. If your house front has many loppers and hanging branches, make sure you get rid of them.

    Add glossy appeal

    Lovely house entrance is usually glossy according to experts of home improvement and design. In order to make your entrance glossy, you can tackle doors with high gloss and specialized colors. The usual colors that have reflective sheen are deep green, royal blue, crimson and others. If you do this, your house will surely stand out from the rest.  

    Door hardware replacement

    If your entrance is composed of big front door, make sure that you also tune up its hardware. It will only take you $60 in order to replace the old door handle to a shiny new one made of brass. Make sure that its deadbolt is well secured for safety purposes.

    Tune up the greenery

    If there is a definition of upkeep, it is the boxwood as it looks tidy. If you have a pair of it in the door the better; you can get boxwoods in the nearest garden center for around $25 each. To make the pots last longer and survive winter, make sure to choose frost proof ones.

    If your goal is not to sell your house, this kind of simple home improvement is still very important and should be done regularly. A house that has impressive entrance will always bring joy and comfort to the owners. Every time you see how wonderful your entrance is you will feel refreshed and satisfied. Besides, performing these transformations will only cost you more or less $100.

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