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    Posted on by Polina Krainis

    How to Hire a Landscaping Contractor

    When you are about to look for the service of landscaping, the very first decision that you should make is whether to choose a landscape contractor, designer or architect. These three options are almost related to each other but when analyzed deeply they are partly different.

    For you not to be confused with the process, you should know that there are companies that provide designers and architects at the same time. There are also other independent contractors for home improvement who are hiring their own their own architects and designers. If it is the plan you are after, you can start working with the designer or the architect. If it is the design work out need, work with the contractor.

    If you are deciding whom to hire, there are several factors that you should think about first like timeline, complexity and size of the project. When talking to the provider, it is important that you observe how the person is receptive to your goals and ideas. The last thing you should hire is a person who does not know how to communicate well.

    Dealing with a well seasoned professional is the best suggestion because he or she knows how to gauge your space.  If you are not sure where to get these contractors, make use of your networks. Ask your friends if they have someone to refer. Getting referrals is also a good choice because you get to be prioritized by the provider. Aside from using online directories, it is also best that you get the top recommended provider of trade and professional organizations.

    Weighing the option is best done when you are looking at the portfolios of the candidates. There are so many specialized providers so you should focus into things that you really need or else the project will just turn out as a fad. Do not sign the contract if the provider has no proof of license. There are some companies that are presenting fake or not updated licenses. Aside from the license, you need to look for training certifications and organizational affiliations.

    Another important question that you need to settle beforehand is whether you’ll go DIY or not. According to professionals, it is always better to consult with a designer or an architect specialized in landscape. If you have the background in these things then you can go ahead and work on the landscape personally. Please take note that landscaping project is more than planting flowering plants in the garden. It requires skills in management and design.  

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