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  • You Better Avoid These 4 Mistakes When Hiring Moving Companies in Houston, Texas

    Posted on by Polina Krainis

    Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Movers

    Once you’ve decided to move to another home and place for home improvement, searching and finding good movers is one of the most important decisions that you’ll need to do. Although there are plenty of moving companies in Houston, Texas that you can choose from, finding the right one can be quite challenging.

    In order to help you find good movers Houston TX, here are some tips on what you should avoid when searching for the best moving companies.

    Mistake #1: Getting quotes from one or two movers only

    If you want to make sure that you get the best deals from moving companies, you should have at least three movers on the list of your prospective hires. Better yet, list five movers then gather estimates, compare their costs, and see reviews of each company to know other people’s experiences with the company.

    Mistake #2 Hiring movers without having them visit your home

    When getting quotes and estimates, make sure that a mover visits your home to review everything you’re planning to bring with you when you move. This is to ensure that you’ll get a more accurate of everything you’re taking with you. Also, it’s to ensure that their initial inventory matches up with the charge when you’re actually moving.

    Mistake #3 Hiring the cheapest mover

    At first glance, the cheapest among moving companies in Houston, Texas may be the best bet, but make sure that you research the company thoroughly. Sometimes, rogue moving companies may try to lure you with low costs services, special deals, and other enticements. Be wary of companies that offer unreasonable free services.

    Mistake #4 Not asking right questions

    There are actually plenty of details that you need to remember when ensuring that all your stuff are in good hands while being moved. Prepare a checklist of questions that you need to ask when working with a moving company.

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  • Various Kinds of Vehicles Offered by Moving Companies in Houston, TX

    Posted on by Polina Krainis

    Various Kinds of Vehicles Offered by Moving Companies in Houston, TX

    One of the many dilemmas that people experience in life is the task that they need to face when they are planning to move to another house in order to improve their house. Aside from the fact that you will leave the house that you have grown up to, there are just so many things that needs to be prepared, packed and moved. Most of the time, you do not know what to pack first most especially if you have a lot of things.

    Moving is stressful since packing and unpacking takes time and effort. The task of moving big furniture and equipment is tiresome most especially if no one is available to help you. Also, you need to find a vehicle that is big enough to carry your belongings. A small car is not applicable for moving big furniture.

    If you are planning to move, it is a must that you look for moving companies in Houston, TX to help you. They can provide you with many services from packing, moving and unpacking your belongings. They can also provide the right vehicle that you can use to move your things.

    Here are some of the vehicles that you can hire from moving companies in Houston, TX depending on your furniture and belongings.

    •         Pickups or Cargo Vans – This is used to move small items only.
    •         10’ Truck – This is ideal to be used if you are moving into a studio or apartment.
    •         14’ Truck – This vehicle is used for apartment with up to two bedrooms moving.
    •         17’ Truck – This truck is perfect when you are moving into a house with two bedrooms.
    •         20’ Truck – This can cater big furniture and can move things into a home with up to three bedrooms.
    •         24’ Truck – This car is ideal when you are moving into a three to four bedroom house.
    •         24’ Truck – If you are moving into a house with four or more bedroom, you can hire this truck.

    You can rent these trucks at your local moving companies in Houston, TX. The truck includes features such as automatic transmission, air conditioning, towing capacity and fuel efficient-V8 you may contact Houston apartment movers for more details.

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