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    Posted on by Polina Krainis

    How to Design a Modern Kitchen

    Kitchen is an important feature of a modern home so homeowners should always thing thoroughly regarding its design and setup. Modern interior designers are usually concerned on the functionality of the kitchen so space is being worked on by adding efficient drawers and cabinets. If you want to increase it living space, you can disassemble walls separating the kitchen and nearby room. Once the wall has been removed, the kitchen will now function as dining and living area where the kids could study and play while you are cooking.

    According to designers, the kitchen should have three essential zones. Here they are in no particular order:

    (1) Sink or washing zone

    A kitchen is not complete without a water source. As much as possible, the sink’s proximity should be near where you are cooking. It is because there is a huge need for water in order to drain and wash fruits, vegetables, meat, pasta and etc when you are preparing for the meals.

    (2) Cooking zone

    Setting down pans, pots and dishes is difficult if you don’t have cooking zone in your kitchen. It makes sense especially if you are cooking a lot, so you want the kitchen tools to be near you. This place is where you hob or stove is located.

    (3) Food storage zone: A kitchen is not functional if there is no storage for dry goods and cooked foods. In order for the ingredients and cooked dishes to be clean and healthy, there is an imperative need for storage. Also, it should be accessible for everyone, especially to kids.

    In order to come up with a modern kitchen, think of the things that you want to integrate. For high quality output, make sure that the contractors are making use of commercial grade tools and appliances. Before hiring the contractor, you should check if they are using standard tools or not.

    Kitchens will not look good without countertops. To save form cost, most homeowners are choosing synthetic materials. According to experts, it is always better when you are looking forward to design the kitchen with natural stone counters since they are heat resistant and could last longer. If you are more into baking then marble counters are perfect. Marble counters can withstand the heat and the same time put up against the pressure of rolling dough and etc.

    If you are trying to achieve a classic yet efficient look, do not forget that wooden counters are also great. These types of counters are usually old fashioned but you can always give them a modern twist.

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