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  • Find Out Your AC System before Calling a Repair Specialist in Houston, TX

    Posted on by Polina Krainis

    Air Conditioning System Type

    Home improvement is one of the top reason in improving house furnitures and appliances. What is your AC system? Do you know what type of air conditioning system do you have at home or in the office? It is important that you are familiar with the air conditioning system you own. It helps a lot when you are looking for a specialist for AC repair in Houston, TX.

    You may have found a specialist for window type AC system, but when he came to your place, he is not knowledgeable about the parts of your ductless and split air conditioning system. It will be waste of your time and money. Here are the common cooling and air conditioning systems in the market today.

    Window Type Air Conditioner – or technically called, unitary air conditioning system or the self-contained air conditioning unit. This is the common one and placed in a window or a hole in an exterior wall. In one compact box, it has all the components the air conditioning system needs to cool your room. From one end, it blows cool air and ejects heat on the other end.

    Portable Air Conditioner – this AC system can be placed inside the room without boring a hole on your wall or placing it in the windows. This is also called as the mobile self-contained air conditioning system. It can eject heat out through the hose vent through a wall or door. This is a great addition to your window AC system, especially when it cannot cool the room enough. The downside with this AC type however, is it is a bit noisier.

    Split/Ductless Air Conditioner – for AC specialists, this is technically called PTAC or a ‘packaged terminal air conditioner’. You should have seen one of these already in offices, hotels, etc. Unlike the window type AC with all its refrigerant components in one box, the split AC system breaks into two terminal units. The first terminal is where the condensation occurs. This is where the compressor, condenser and fan are located. The second terminal is where the evaporation occurs and handles the air cooling and distribution.

    It is good to determine first the type of  HVAC Houston system you have before calling someone for AC repair in Houston, TX.

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