Contemporary Beach Houses Plan Design Architecture- (w)right House

Beach Houses of (w) right is a four-bedroom contemporary home designed by Charles Wright is located just minutes from the beach in cosmopolitan Port Douglas. This environment-friendly house design with vaulted ceilings and the presence of water from every corner of the house.
modern beautiful beach houses plan design

To cool the tropical air, the house has a shop and covered by water. Structure is an innovative combination of concrete, steel and un-conventional-filled core clay bricks. A sense of flowing metal structure lap pool with salt water, and a wooden deck wraps around the house to imagine the meaning of the sea. Vented double cavity insulated roof and separated using a venturi effect – a hot eleiminating get off the roof penetration. The house has indoor and outdoor dining with open plan kitchen and gas BBQ relative. Space has a wide screen LCD TV / DVD / CD, cable TV, WiFi and surround sound entertainment system. Major retreat house near the beach to spend the holidays.

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bedroom design on modern beach house

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Contemporary Beach Houses Plan Design Architecture- (w)right House
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