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Contemporary Modern Kayak House Architecture Design Ideas by Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects

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Kayak Design house of Ogrydziak / Architect Prillinger in Northern California designed by the river, which allows a wonderful view towards the River. The house is in two parts, the river is divided, there is a dramatic drop in the water and return the hills above the River. This is the side of society, because there are always many kayakers floated past.

away from the river, the site is completely private, with a level lawn extending several miles to the start of the foot. In addition to the basic direction of the river, a few other details, highlight the themes of home. First, the garage door was painted blue for the owner’s favorite kayak race. In second place at the entrance of a kayak is a boat with six on-the-shelf hardware. Finally, configured to clean the bathroom floor like a post, this is an open cockpit with a wetsuit hook of each stone along the wall.


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