Creative Set Furniture Interior Decor Design in Duplex Apartment in Tel Aviv

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This duplex apartment has an area of 160 sq.m. and designed a very creative and personal. Feautres first floor entrance, bar, family room and bedroom. Bedroom and living room with two large windows overlooking the urban landscape of Tel Aviv. Workspace is located on the second floor where the owner can get by custom made wooden stairs. Coming to office as the ceremony because there are corridors long before that.
creative modern bedroom interior design plan

The interior is designed to reveal the nature of the apartment owners. Colorful tiles paving consists of randomly make a significant contribution to the design. Many retro furniture and accessories that are used throughout the apartment dupleks.Keseluruhan shows that designers are new to it. There are no well-known furniture brands used anywhere. Using recycled material is only a little originality to the overall impression of the interior
bathroom design ideas in small apartment

maximize apartment interior design ideas