Fun Water Playground Design by RS+ in Poland

A cheerful water playground by RS+. The site is located in Tychy, Poland. It’s a perfect place for family on weekend event. The playground was surrounded by trees and benchess. Around the basin, there are fences from wood to prevent unwanted animal to come in. The wood was also used as a material for the benches. The place was also equipped with several water toys for children to play with.

Architect: RS+
Location: Tychy, Poland
Project Team: Robert Skitek, Jakub Zygmunt, Szymon Borczyk
Water engineering : Maciej Papiurek, Krzysztof Wacek, Anna Terentjew
Completion: 2011
Project area: 354 sqm
Photographs: Tomasz Zakrzewski

Fun Water Playground Design by RS+ in Poland
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