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Furniture Design by David Weeks: Unique, Comfortable and Flexible

After graduated from Rhode Island School of Design studying painting and sculpture in 1990, David Weeks traveled to New York City where a chance job painting jewelry designer Ted Muehling store, led to an apprenticeship. While working under Muehling, he shows interest from fine art to design, the idea of infusing functional objects with grace and sculptural style.
He started a metal-fabrication shop where he constructed curtain rods, tables and bookshelves for friends, eventually gravitated to lamps. David Weeks Studio was established in 1996, and headquartered in a timeworn factory in Brooklyn, David developed a line of lights possessing both the clean perfection of machine-made products and the creative freedom of one-of-a kind objects. His custom lighting is marked by uncommon attention to detail and evocative materials: spun aluminum and steel, oxidized metals, nickel-plating, and two-tone powder coated shades. As you can see in the picture, the result of his work shows a unique, luxurious and flexible design. [via]

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