Ikaros House Architecture With Energy Efficient System Design-Eco Fiendly


eco energy solar system house architecture

It is a modern residential solar energy Solar Decathlon in Europe, preferably in Madrid. IKAROS House was the Fachhochschule Rosenheim, Germany. This building has been able to create a beautiful voice systems, energy efficiency and an exceptionally large solar installation requires more than four times the electricity for the house.

This eco friendly house can generate more solar energy than it has to run a house. This house is designed to accommodate four people. Super-thick insulation in vacuum insulation panels, the design of effective energy efficiency and mechanical systems available. IKAROS home with very little energy, the energy of the system are used to the house in the colder months, heat. These modular homes are marked by zig-zag facade, which serves as the shadow of the house. Also optimizes the use of sunlight through changes in the day and all season. [via]

ikaros european house solar system design

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eco friendly house design solar energy

modern house with solar energy efficient system


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