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Lifeguard Tower Residence Architecture Design Ideas by Lazar Design/Build

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Detail Lifeguard Tower Residence Architecture Design Ideas by Lazar Design/Build

Design / Builders Steve Lazar who grew up with the ocean all her life. As an avid surfer and craftsman, he was always inspired by the icons of architecture beach. Her house is the latest, Lifeguard Tower, rose three stories high on corner lot with a broad view of the Hermosa Beach. This architecture consists of three trapezoidal structure, one above the other. From the base, narrowing as it reaches the residence of “see-out” of the tower to a room that provides a beautiful grassy entertainment, 1.600 square feet and deck dining overlooking the sea.
lifeguard tower residence architecture design

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Although the house is 3400 square meters of contemporary in spirit, that took inspiration from the classic architecture of the old guard tower and the coast of Maine and Cape Cod, where Lazar spent his childhood summers. Lifeguard Tower is also an experience in life such as entering a green-weather reclaimed wood that bears in a barn 100 years old.

Lifeguard Tower features an expansive living area and kitchen, four bedrooms and three full baths and powder room. Floor contains a very broad board consists of Eastern white pine, which is not only a nod to the classic Cape Cod floor, but also, because of their dimensions, can handle the wear better over the years. The kitchen features stainless steel with black granite countertops, shaker-style cabinetry and charming.

Lazar has been a creative and methodical work appeals to traditional and contemporary architecture buffs with Lifeguard Tower. This is a romantic attitude to the past and simultaneously strange nod to the contemporary life of California beaches. [via]

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