Luxury Australian House Plans Architect by Dane Richardson


The volume of this space was divided by a large fire place and level changes. The north facing terrace with its built in “fire box” is the focus of all outside entertaining. The planning divides the building into three wings.
luxury australian house plans architect

Children’s bedrooms, guest room, bathroom and games/tv room to the western side. Upper levels provide shelter for lower levels.
The entry is screened with high stone walls and a planted court yard; this rustic relaxed threshold must be crossed prior to entering the sharper aesthetic of the building. The combination of timber and stone is used to soften and relax the harder geometry of the building.

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The 4.5m high glazed walls of the main living room open the space to valley views. Sun penetration and heat loss is controlled via electronic window blinds and low emission glass.
It is equipped with a home automation system, collects all potable water, re-uses grey water, utilises low energy & low water use fittings.

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Luxury Australian House Plans Architect by Dane Richardson
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  1. satin sheets says:

    WOW!!! I am not a modern fan, but that house blows me away. I love that deck. If I had that, I would be out there every night relaxing.

    And I really like the curve of the couch with those windows. That is one beautiful home!