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Luxury Exotic Tropical Residence Architecture Design : The Fish House in Singapore

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luxury exotic village residence in singapore

Fish House is decorated the luxury exotic residence Guz Architects, based in Singapore. The basic idea behind this house is to make a connection with nature and the environment, to ensure in particular. Fish House said, a bungalow “Tropical Modern” perfectly integrated in the climate and the environment, such as architecture and open spaces, natural ventilation and floor to ceiling windows provide an unhindered view of promoting the sea.

Here is further information from architects, on the sustainable elements of this project: “The idea is connected with a cellar-level media room with a u-shaped acrylic windows, strengthen the natural light in and allow even the common view of the pool. The roof arch, which symbolizes the ocean waves, also emphasized the idea of the nearby sea. This is almost entirely with a thin photovoltaic systems, the provision of sufficient energy to turn real estate, while the remaining green when a roof is used, offers something outdoor space to relax. ” [via]

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exotic tropical residence architecture in singapore

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