Luxury Glamour House Architecture in Lemesos by George Papadopoulos of Skinotechniki

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George Papadopoulos is an architect, Skinotechniki, a company usually design and construction of scenery and sets for stage, film and TV industry, but also this house for his family in Lemesos, Cyprus is designed.

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description from the architect:

his house was built between two narrow streets in the old town of Limassol, about 50m from one of the most popular beaches in Cyprus and at the end of the road from the house I grew up. The site was formerly from an old factory, which burned in a fire locust in 1989 occupied, so that only the ruins of a stone wall.

The goal is to create a house for my family, my wife and our four boys. For the comfort and privacy, we want our work is in the same sense, but has a separate entrance. The buildings must be consistent with the area, both a traditional stone and adobe two-story house was, and several small industrial buildings older. At the same time modern, to learn from traditional architecture, but do not copy. My objective for creating a consistent and secure environment for my family, I prefer my own ideas from childhood memories of playing under a large plane tree in a house next to the river to the mountains.

Last but not least, I would like to implement ecological solutions heating, cooling, lighting and water management.

Most of the rooms in the house in the face of a closed internal pages. This is the traditional way of building in Cyprus, helping to keep families together and maintain the privacy of residents.

A proportional system of neo-classical context of human dimensions, applied to both interior and exterior surfaces and can be seen in the plans, elevations and sections.

Like the music, architecture need to touch our senses. To do this in order to have the opposite can be combined. In music, fast / slow, melodic / rock. In architecture, the open / closed, light / dark lid, hot / cold, hard, soft, light. Is this a wake up opposite our senses and gives us a sense of belonging. This house is full of contradictions.

55-75cm thick walls, aerated concrete blocks, with thermal resistance well above that of traditional brick-wall. In Lemesos, the energy of a modern building for cooling itself is 70% of the total energy consumed. The house does not have a conventional cooling system. Cooled by a combination of elements. Traditional ceiling fans. Shaded windows climbed and the roof of a three-story hall draw hot air through the principle of stack effect. Plane tree in the park building the internal and the correct orientation to give shade. The water from the ponds and fish ponds covering 65% of the internal garden, evaporated , to provide additional cooling.

In the cold night air of mountains through the open roof lights sunk. The bedroom has a special cooling system itself. be a geothermal system that uses a small fan, the air from the bedroom of a 30cm diameter pipe buried. Return air in the room provide a comfortable temperature. Children’s faces west and can be very hot at night. Although this is not because they are made of light steel and wood materials that store heat radiates back and thus not be called into the room. This idea is of the traditional houses made Lemesos area, usually on the first floor, made of light materials and used to sleep on summer nights. Heating via diesel boiler. This is supported by eight for 20 racks of vacuum tube collectors heat to the living room floor heating assisted heat.


Luxury Glamour House Architecture in Lemesos by George Papadopoulos of Skinotechniki
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