Modern And Minimalist Bathroom Interior Ideas by Axor Bouroullec

modern flexible bathroom interior ideas
Latest collection of bathroom furniture and a sense of real Axor designed by French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Axor Bouroullec bathroom consists of 85 items, including: mixers, washing, bathing and shower rooms for solutions, and so on.

The main point of this collection for homeowners, a very personal and individual bathrooms to their needs and requirements to be adjusted. Even individual elements, such as the sink can be personalized – you can find a mixer and includes almost everywhere in the environment. The entire collection is a solution, a good-looking, that sufficient flexibility for everyone.
simple minimalist bathroom decor design

minimalist bathroom mirror furniture design

modern bathroom interior design ideas

modern and minimalist faucet bathroom inspiration

Modern And Minimalist Bathroom Interior Ideas by Axor Bouroullec
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