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Modern Box House Architecture Design by Arkhefield

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modern lighting house architecture design idea
The modern design is founded by renowned architect Arkhefield home, and this modern house is located in South Stradbroke Iceland, Queensland, Australia. Arkhefield design of this house supported by the project team and they are all professionals in their field, they are Andrew Gutteridge, Simon Wynn, Justin Boland, Julie Tomaszewski, modern design at home in 2006, sustained as a home to bring low-maintenance materials and capabilities, the can isolate built house, orientation, and close to the elements.

Themodern Home Designs offer a contrast with the majority of low huts along the way and show that celebrates the volume, simplicity of form and ability to manage manipulated the external environment set. Home design seems inspired Themodern between communities with new homes are built on the island, which are created and placed in the same way.
box house architecture design plan idea

modern house architecture design construct

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