Modern Contemporary Cube House Decorating Design on Lake Okoboji


modern contemporary cube house decorating design

This beautiful house was built by EB Min, Jeffrey L. construed days. The house is located in rural Iowa, Lake Okoboji. This cube house is situated on a small lot on the lush coast, where old houses are McMansions and new situation. Single footprint to minimize the size of the houses on the site so that a series of pictures of the room in the house that focuses on the special exhibition, including neighbors.

The lake is surrounded by beautiful oak trees form a canopy around the lake. The main living area is open to the forest and lake view, but visually, to close the guy next door. tube forming an architect to see about the axis of the chamber of the house, walk around the site, which connects Lake perception through the forest out into the fields. You can not find the tube cavity is literally in the masses at home at the end of their limited resources through the glass.

The first level is dominated by a soft amorphous continuous space. It opens to the outside overlooking the lake, in different directions.Rooms and bathrooms are treated with a sense of interiority spoken. All interior surfaces of the room, which is absorbed by the intense colors on the assumption that everyone feels like a field of pure color. [via]

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Modern Contemporary Cube House Decorating Design on Lake Okoboji
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