Modern Contemporary Japanese Wooden House Architecture Firm Design


japanese wooden architecture firms designjapanese wooden architecture firms design

We love this wooden Japanese house Wakura by Seiichi Kubo, Yoshinobu Kagiyama mines and Muratsuji Japanese architecture firm designed Archivi Architects & Associates. Like the exterior, clad in wood (it is primarily from local Japanese cedar and cypress written in Japanese) is too much dominated by the natural wood interior.

Modern glass interior walls of the flood of natural light, lighting in the living area contains open up the main kitchen and dining room, dominated by a second floor mezzanine. From floor to ceiling (ceiling are covered with plywood Lauan), this log house has a distinctly rustic feel to it, privacy is one of its main features – you can design your own great escape, without ever leaving the house.

Make your way down the stairs and along the walkway on the second floor overlooking a terrace overlooking the central atrium of the house, an open process, built up by sliding glass walls, limited blurred the boundary between inside and outside. Each floor, each room has access to make a place on deck to get the most out of nature. Location overlooking a park and Wakaura Bay, a Japanese local landmark, offers wonderful views of the town house

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Modern Contemporary Japanese Wooden House Architecture Firm Design
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