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Modern Luxury House Architecture with Solar Energy System by SPG Architects

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modern luxury house architecture with solar energy

In 2005 the architect PAG was approached by our customers to check the entire structure, which he had in the mountains of Luxury Costa Rica Home beaches built model design. Steel construction all but given up and the construction of the concrete slab is back through the jungle, but before the investment in time, material and substantial money. The solar panels, photovoltaic and hot water, the session layer, a reflective roof.


The kitchen is of trees were harvested locally in the first base and all the ingredients were there, if possible terms. The equipment of high efficiency lighting are, pipes and fittings for the environmentally friendly approach to working with the existing natural home in the 21 Century contribute. Twist house offers all the comforts of the customers, it was clear that the use of resources is not responsible or block the site that is visually appealing and functional, without compromise. [via]

luxury beautiful swimming pool decorating design

eco friendly rooftop with solar energy efficient

luxury large glass in living room interior

modern contemporary kitchen remodeling design ideas

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