Modern MakeOvers Barn Became House Interior Architecture Designs


modern barn makeovers house design architecture ideas

There are interesting ideas, makeovers old warehouse converted into a house. Taken from Canada, Russell Groves one of the architects who worked on this project. Mechanical systems, electrical and frame barn repair, refurbished but with the same look and structure. The impression a modern blend of classical interiors shown in this house. The old staircase remains of the warehouse is one of the centerpieces.

The fireplace in the living room was made of exotic steels old memorable. To make it look modern, modern stylish furniture chosen for providing a wonderful mix of style with old wood and barn. Kitchen design is very simple and modern look, two walls made of marble mosaic. In the bathroom space, given modern white bathtub and stone-patterned floors so that a touch of modern and old look at this bathroom. Even in this room there is a mix of contemporary design and traditional style. Is your home makeovers can be inspired by this article? [via]

modern wooden traditional barn stairs designs ideas

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Modern MakeOvers Barn Became House Interior Architecture Designs
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