Modern Prefab Concrete Homes A-Cero Architecture Plans in Madrid

modern prefab concrete homes architecture plansmodern prefab concrete homes architecture plans

We saw many excellent design and architecture of the A-Cero is our hope (and maybe you) is when it comes to a company with an impressive portfolio. So far it seems that architects A-cero at the height of his reputation and his plans for the accommodation of the recent stand as tangible evidence. Blocks Concrete House II is a family project in Madrid and extends over the surface of not less than 1,600 square meters.

The first impression on seeing the unusual architecture of gray concrete ramps and vegetation you see the entrance to the bunker. Facade is a large window and a regular review. Roof to ensure that environmentally friendly features of this house, because it contains the tubular solar collector, making him live a sustainable project. This site also includes a garden and a beautiful lake, the image of a “dreamer” who inspired this house completed. [via]

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Modern Prefab Concrete Homes A-Cero Architecture Plans in Madrid
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