Modern Prefab Decorating House Design Plan in San Francisco


modern prefab house design in san fransisco

The recapitulation Beaver Street in San Francisco, California – home to the office of the architect Craig Steely and “Steely’s House” in a more traditional sense – it was too cozy for comfort. To grow the thriving business for himself and his wife, painter, and their children, rather than move chooses architect, to reconfigure the existing plan again.

Makeover that is the transition into the kitchen, living room and dining room dressed in a new layer on top of the existing two-story house with wood. Adding new features elegant floor window on the ceiling (as each level of the house) and a small piece of private paradise opened in the city – an outdoor living space with a roof of grass and beautiful south-facing terrace, complete with chic fireplace. Professional offices to hold the House. [via]

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Modern Prefab Decorating House Design Plan in San Francisco
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