Modern Residential Building Architecture Concept Design Plans

modern residential building architectural design
Along with this glass lies on the axis of the local church and to create attractive vista. Use clear and reduce other forms of continued strict in the selection of materials. Drunk white facades. Inside the house all areas, except for bathroom tiles, fitted with oak parquet floor.

The ceiling was left in the concrete looks, what makes all the people saw the production and maintenance processes. Highlighting areas of color are placed on the wall in the children’s room and bedroom. All other walls put in to just white. The concept of light work with the light mood of the atmosphere. All the switches are in accordance with the dimmer lights that create the warm colors of light. Simple materials with soft lighting lend a special touch to a place to live.
residential architecture building design

residential architecture concept design plans

residential building architectural design ideas

residential concept building architecture design

Modern Residential Building Architecture Concept Design Plans
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