Modern Stylish Apartment Decorating Design in Timisoara with “On Sale”


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This apartment is very stylish and functional reviewed by Stefan Lazar, a Romanian interior designer and real estate specialists. The loft is in Timisoara, Romania, and is a family gift for their children.

Garnish with a small budget, with many interesting objects, the designers know that they are “sales”, we take the box very inspiring. Some items, such as kitchen and living room furniture was custom made. Very functional roles, decorative objects have been defined correctly and make good use of the available space. ergonomic chair in the office “and an elegant glass table are to buy a few goods to sales. As you can see, they create a work environment that is practical and comfortable. Bedroom mantra” Intimacy “and enriching to see through the lights. Especially Beautiful is the “bar” and a futuristic white chairs (also purchased at an affordable price), which illuminates the whole room. [via]

luxury apartment decorating design in timisora

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Modern Stylish Apartment Decorating Design in Timisoara with “On Sale”
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