Modern Tall and Narrow Japan Home Architecture Design Model

modern narrow home design in japan

High and narrow impressive Home in Japan Japan is the world’s known for more than crowded cities. So we were really tick by this box, smart makes most websites are impressed very narrow. This project was born FujiwaraMuro architects and is located in a town called Showa-cho.

Be like the building very many close, then the architecture team to come up with an idea that can provide a sense of space and continuity at home. A large open living room to receive guests and stairs connect the three levels. Although it initially may seem that taking the stairs up less space, told the man no problem. Anyway, we think it is a project that is very intelligent and thought-provoking ideas that will be applied if it can be it comes to the urban areas. [via]

elegant narrow and tall japan home design

elegant tall japan architecture model design

large glass open concept japan model

modern elegant staircase design ideas photo

Modern Tall and Narrow Japan Home Architecture Design Model
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