Modern Timber Wood Home Design Ideas – Cool Wood Addition

Trojan home by Australian architects Jackson Clements Burrows is a beautiful wood design modern house located in Howthorn, Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by the Trojan horse of Virgil’s epic tale, this epic Australia each home design is wearing a bark that unites all parts of the individual.
modern timber wood home addition

Design of the existing Edwardian house has been updated to include three bedrooms and bathroom in the children without limit, all within the space cantilever suspended over a back porch, which extends the additional living space without sacrificing the existing rear yard area. Contemporary interior, with combo dining room open concept kitchen-living room overlooking the swimming pool through the glass wall. Jackson Clements Burrows Architects
modern timber wood house design ideas

modern timber wood home furniture ideas

modern timber wood home kitchen ideas

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Modern Timber Wood Home Design Ideas – Cool Wood Addition
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