Multifunctional Beautiful Colored Glossy Acrylic Bathtub Design by Allia Concept


whirlpool bath glossy modern bathroom design

Choose bathroom paint color according to the taste of the individual, his or her emotional state and the feel you would like in your bathroom such as feeling relaxed or revitalized, energized, formal and royal, cozy, casual, creative or artistic. While deciding the color, it is best to keep a color wheel to consult choosing colors for your bath. There are some color basics that help you in choosing the right bath color scheme. Warm colors energize and are invigorating. Cool colors have a calming and soothing effect. Analogous colors or colors that are next to each other on the color wheel will make bath space look serene and relaxing. Complementary colors or colors that are across each other will give creative, artistic and jazzy look to your bathroom.

If you are looking for functional bathtub and at the same time you don’t want usual white one, then you should pay attention on beautiful whirlpool bath casting by Allia. This bath is made from glossy red translucent acrylic and looks bright and very stylish. It is fixed on specific metallic supporting construction, which adds originality to it. It has 14 nozzles and 2 programs of massage. By simple adjusting the water intensity you could create comfortable conditions for relaxing. This bathtub gives you an opportunity to relax and take care of your skin with ozone at the same time. For such bathtub you need to have a quit large bathroom, because its dimensions are 192.5 x 95.5 x 60 cm. For those people who like design of this product, but don’t like red color, it is available in blue or glossy white.[via]

acrylic bath tub with water infiltration system

acrylic soaking tub with water disposal system

original modern whirlpool-style bath furniture bathroom


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