Multifunctional Comfortable Practical Bathroom Solution for Small Apartment by Spiritual Mode


small bathroom layout black and white interior

Even with limited bath space, there are some important things and basic fixture designs that we need to follow, so that our bathrooms are safe and functional. Different areas may have some typical requirements and design parameters specified by the concerned departments and we should take care to follow them because they are well studied and researched to suit the local needs. Japanese designers always surprise us by interesting and very creative ideas of making a flat more comfortable and more practical.

This time we would like to show you a product by Japanese company Spiritual Mode, which specializes in production of different bathtubs. This new product is named Subaco and presents itself as a perfect solution for a small apartment. With Subaco you could accommodate a tub, toilet, sink, laundry and even a small kitchen on the area of 2m x 2m. Thanks to compact sizes and effective use of available space you’ll have enough spaciousness for comfortable bathing and washing. Subaco is available in different versions, which differ by composition and interior finish. Although all of them are characterized by simple minimalist design.[via]

compact bathroom suites modern glass design

ideas for small bathroom white interior

small bathroom design in the corner house

small bathroom design toilet seat and bath


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