Nice Contemporary Exterior Remodeled House Architecture


beautiful exterior house architecture design plan
The hotel is situated on a peninsula south of San Francisco, this house is on a lot of internal flag suburbs. It was built in the 1950s, but recently renovated. A cold pool that existed before man-made thing that adds a sense of holiday retreat in everyday life. This site consists of four buildings – back to the main house, study, swimming pool and a garage back home.

Everything is concentrated in the pool, gardens and ponds. There is also a terrace near the pool, which is separated from the interior with glazed sliding doors. Photovoltaic solar roof panels and hidden, the hot water. Home heating system with shine on the stone floor, and despite the hot climate, not air conditioned, but passively cooled with a combination of overhangs, shades and window operations. He also has many green building materials, including fly ash concrete is high, formaldehyde free and casework denim insulation. [Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects]

contemporary interior concept architecture design

dining table in contemporary house architecture

nice exterior house architecture with pool

remodel glass house design plan

Nice Contemporary Exterior Remodeled House Architecture
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