New Wooden Unfinished Book Storage Racks Plans For Inspiration

Shelves of books with this unique model can be an inspiration for those of you who want to be different, only with pieces of wood assembled into a modern form of shelves. This rack can be used for storing books, magazines, and home accessories collection.

Modern Solid Artistik Wood Flooring Designs for Beautiful Interior Decor

you want to be different in the interior floor. This example could be the artistic design of wooden floors. carved wooden flooring does not only enrich the surface of the road and life, but offers art in the artistic and shiny wood floors.

Minimalist Sleek Elegant Glossy Foldable Kitchens Design Innovation

innovation glossy kitchen designed by Italian brand Furniture Florida is interesting. This kitchen can be folded, and put together. so that the impression of a neat, sleek, and shiny kitchen furniture created from this.

Unique Creative Stunning Solid Wood Desk and Chair Artistically

artistic tables and chairs, can be seen in this article. uneven shape, making the artistic value in this contemporary furniture. These wood pieces can form a table and wooden chairs, designed by artist Nicole Yektai that creates stunning furniture from solid wood. It could be your idea of creating and designing furniture that is different… continue reading

Futuristic Stylish and Convertible Triangle Multifunctional V-two Sofa Seat

Sofa bed modern and elegant, this could be a solution for those of you who want to lounge or in your room a different look. DesignJoo design and excellent V-twin sofa pull clean and multifunctional.

Unique Modern Colorful Alphabet Book Storage Shelves for Divider Room

Finnish designer Lincoln Kayiwa create unique furniture alphabet bookstorage to separate between spaces. This cabinet can store books, magazines, CD or other items.