Fresh Modern and Ergonomic Lounge Chair Seat with Book Storage

practical and functional furniture that lately a lot of rage. chairs and benches in this article represents a unique idea. books and magazines can be available in this comfortable chair. located between the backrest and seat.

Modern Small Custom Elegant Outdoor Dog Home Design Plans

When it comes to animals, some people are out of their way to ensure that these animals are treated in the best possible way. Waste today, special dog from home and best friend of a hand, the state of the art-house “modern” dog. “Cubix is a stylish miniature work of architecture inspired by the Bauhaus… continue reading

Elegant Executive Stylish Glass Group Work Desks Office Design

Office workspace comfortable is important to support workers’ performance. The following JG Group recently showed a collection of stylish furniture computer desk modern, elegant, looks simple and small. glass and wood materials used in making computer desk combination of office work. elegant designs JG designs always displayed the work of the Group.

Contemporary Chaise Lounge Black Sofa Leather with Magazine Racks and Garden Boxes

Contemporary modular sofa designed by Francesc for Koo International. Wooden platform makes this couch look more unique and simple. Fresh and Natural impression can be added in this sofa, with added potted plants behind the sofa. Cushions, coffee table, magazine rack and box making plants completeness of this sofa to be comfortable for lounging.

Minimalist Indoor Garden Plants Layout Design for Natural and Fresh

Indoor Plants or plant in the room can be used to beautify the corner of our home space, to make it look more natural and fresh. Color selection of plants and equipment is important so the room will become more alive. So how to integrate plant and equipment?

Unique and Unusual Open Kitchen Island- Ergonomic Concept

Pedini Artika and Integra Kitchens comes with new concept kitchen. the ergonomic design of this kitchen will reflect the owners. White color kitchen in all applicants, so beautiful and clean! Minimalist without addition of kitchen cabinets, this kitchen look simple but elegant.