Modern Stainless Kitchen Countertop with Cabinets – Play Kitchens Urban Style

New Salina / kos kitchen from Copat offers you the modern kitchen concept. It’s very suitable for you who life in urban style and has urban concept of home interior design. Dominated by dark chocolate, the kitchen give relax atmosphere. Neat stainless steel handle and kitchen island make it tidy and clean. Simple concept of… continue reading

Contemporary Kitchen Decor Design with Cabinets and New Idea of Open Shelves

Contemporary kitchen with open shelves is one choices of kitchens model. Designed by cesar, it offers you something difference. Open shelves intentionally make will help you to reach the accessories easier and quicker then closed cabinets. Made from wood, kitchen island and kitchen cabinets look so natural. But it’s also available in Walnut or Larch.

Natural Kitchen Wood Design Idea – with Glass Kitchen Backsplash & Enclosed Sink

Natural and simple kitchen will be looked at the first sight. Most of the elements of this kitchen made from wood. The kitchen idea by Narbe kitchen from Toffini offers a kitchen which has calm atmosphere. It is intentionally made from metal and glass on the countertop so that easy and quick to be cleaned.

New Idea a Flying kitchen Designs – a Modern Concept German Kitchen

The new kitchen design from German company is offered by a kitchen company unikat. This is a new modern kitchen concept with touch of natural concept. Kitchen islands are given natural wood and stainless steel for the kitchen tables. The other kitchen furniture likes kitchen chairs and kitchen cupboard also use wood for the material…. continue reading

Selection of Bathroom Furniture and Alternative Hide Storage to Save Space

Various bathroom furniture such as storage and other places can be hidden so that saves space and practical bathroom. So we provide attractive solutions to the bathroom furniture for your bathroom decor. Creative ways to hide and set the furniture in the bathroom where goods large and small. Choosing bathroom furniture as needed, such as… continue reading

Walk in Closet Organization Systems are a Practical Solution

Walk in closet design is a big closet, luxurious and practical for clothes storage. Closet organization systems and practical solutions to save space living. Walk in closet the size of the big ideas to keep the house organized and clean. The door is also a closet wall can be made of glass and sliding glass… continue reading