Pink Color Decorative Interior In Modern Apartment Design

modern pink interior apartment design ideas

This design is warm and cozy apartment in downtown Copenhagen designers Laura Terp Hansen. Color to use pink as a dominant player in the interior of the home and stylish and feminine decor. In each room 88 square meter apartment slightly pink. This is not just a pillow, dust and other small objects inside.

Even the refrigerator, wallpaper and wall stickers, lamps and other decorative elements pink. To highlight the beauty of this style, most of the floors and walls made of pure white painted wood. In sharp contrast between the white and pink colors are always in this house so big that makes a cool, trendy and comfortable.

minimalist pink furniture living room design

pink theme furniture apartment remodel design

pink floor modern kitchen design ideas

cute pink color furniture design finished

Pink Color Decorative Interior In Modern Apartment Design
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